Communication Temptation: Offering Choices

Communication Temptation: Offering Choices

Imagine knowing what you want but not being able to tell anyone! That's often the frustration that faces our little ones and more often than not they're desperate to let us know their opinions! 

Communication Temptations are things that adults can do to TEMPT their baby/toddler/child to communicate. This works at all stages - the difference will be that the child will respond at whichever level they're ready for. In this example - August shares his opinion by tapping. In the future he may be able to sign or say which book he wants. If we hadn't have offered this choice, we just would have chosen for him and there would have been no opportunity for him to communicate with us and learn that he can. These are the building blocks to talking! 

Think about some other choices you could be providing your child. Food? Clothes? Toys? Activities? Also check out my 'communication temptation' highlight for more examples - including how to do it to your partner!

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