Contain your excitement

Contain your excitement

Your eyes haven't deceived you. I've just given August all the plastic containers I could find (nope they don't all have lids) and let him go to town.

Containers are more fun that we realise - they have lids, you can put things in and take things out, you can stack them, bang them, slide them across the floor, tip them over and shake them..

container play

Put something you know your baby LOVES into a container with a tight lid that they can't open. This will TEMPT them to communicate with you because they need help! They may look at you, or bring it over, or cry, or sign for help. This is then your opportunity to model what you would like them to say, e.g. I signed 'help' (see in highlights) and I said "help me". We then played with the contents of the box. 

Put some other fun pieces in easier to open containers and let your baby figure out how to open them! A great puzzle.

I left these on the deck and August played with them ALL DAY 👌👌👌we later added stones and water. Easy peasy.

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