What to say instead of 'Good Job!'

What to say instead of 'Good Job!'

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Praise is SO GREAT and we should always be looking to notice the good things our kids do more than we notice and comment on their not so great behaviours.


Some phrases we commonly say on autopilot like "good job" and "You're so smart" might be impacting our kid's self esteem.

🤷🏼‍♀️ When a child is praised for the OUTCOME of their work, like "lovely picture", "you won the race!", "good job writing your name", this may cause them to avoid tasks they feel they're not so good at. If they don't feel naturally good at something, they may worry about their abilities and reject learning experiences.

🤌When a child is praised for their EFFORT they're more likely to develop a 'growth mindset', where they learn to understand that hard work and resilience what develops new skills. They may then be more likely to try new things and persevere.

👀Research by Carol Dweck found that children who were praised more for the OUTCOME of their work were more likely to:
- choose an easier task they knew they were good at
- give up on a task quicker
- perform worse on a task

☺️It makes sense to praise kids for trying, right?! We wouldn't just praise the WINNER of a race.

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