The Parenting Trap we all fall in to

The Parenting Trap we all fall in to

Play the long game.

👌Keep your responses short. You don't even have to say anything at the start (or if you're struggling to regulate yourself) - just stay quiet and be comforting with your presence.

🌟Keep your consequences relevant. Something thrown = something cleaned up together when you're both calmer. Don't resort to punitive punishments like withdrawing affection or taking away toys. You're more likely to be able to do this when you've taken a moment to calm instead of trying to teach a lesson in the moment.

✨Remember: there's nothing wrong with your child. There's nothing wrong with you. This is a phase and you're in this together. Give your child time and yourself time to make small steps of progress together.

🌸Behavioural change doesn't happen overnight. We need to teach our children when they're in the best brain space to learn. Short-term behavioural change (like forcing them to pick up what they've thrown) isn't going to teach them hope to cope with those big feelings the next time they arise.

You've got this.

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