Supporting Behaviour: Throwing

Supporting Behaviour: Throwing

Throwing is fun - and I know all of you at one stage will battle with your kids wanting to throw their food, cutlery, cups etc. Giving a child alternative opportunities to throw things is important - but some things are too risky to be flying through the air.

Instead of having a hard ban on throwing things - how about setting the more realistic rule of allowing them to throw soft things during play time.

🎲 Start talking to your little one about how things feel. If it can be squished - it's a soft thing. If it can't be squished - it's a hard thing. Explore the texture of toys together - you could play a sorting game.
🧩 Explain the rule. "We can throw soft things together inside. I can't let you throw hard things because they might hurt someone or break something". Play a game throwing soft things to each other. Pretend they're the teacher and ask them whether something is hard or soft before you throw it.
🚓 when they're in a throwing mood, naively enquire about the texture of things to gently remind them of the rule. "Ooh you're playing a throwing game! Is that a hard thing or a soft thing? Ah it's a hard thing - let's find a soft thing to throw".
⛑ Be calm, friendly and consistent when following through with your rules. "You threw that but it was a hard thing. I can't let you throw hard things because someone might get hurt. Can you find a soft thing?". If they continue:"I can see you're finding it hard not to throw hard things - I'm going to help you have a break." At meal times:"I can't let you throw your food, that tells me you're finished. Would you like to keep eating or go to play?".

They're not going to get it first time! This'll take some practice and for you to join in and make it fun. Praise them when you see them exploring the texture of things. Set up games yourself, like throwing bean bags, teddies, leaves or cushions!

Does your little one love to throw things? How do you handle it? Let me know in the comments.

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