Kids know their bodies – Trust them!

Kids know their bodies – Trust them!

Respectful parenting looks like trusting our little one’s body!

I’m happy to be a stuck record on this one. When we follow our child’s lead and let them explore the park how they want to - they’ll be safer. When we intervene by lifting them onto things or helping them down slides etc, whilst it FEELS like a kind thing to do, we’re taking away their independence and the natural feedback their bodies receive about how safe something is to do.

Think of it this way - if someone held you up on a skateboard all day, you’d think wow this is easy and not scary at all. Then if you were to try on your own you wouldn’t know your limits and you’d probably get hurt. You wouldn’t know what it felt like to balance by yourself or how high to skate or anything.

Try to just follow your little one and engage with them at whatever level they’re at. Trust them!

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