Easy Play Idea: Wool out all the stops

Easy Play Idea: Wool out all the stops

Play is learning.

Taking notice of what your child does with things and then giving them other resources to do that same thing helps their development.

August loves to tie things up - there's always some sort of trap for me trip over! So to foster this play that he's obviously loving and learning from, I gave him a ball of wool and let him do whatever he fancied with it.

Then I added some scissors so he could cut different lengths, supporting his fine motor development and ALSO opening up our conversations to maths concepts like long and short.

So easy, it's a no brainer.

As always - keep an eye on your child. Kids can get themselves tangled which becomes an asphyxiation risk, so you can also be there to teach about string and why we don't put it around our necks. Teach it to avoid it happening.

Watch the full reel here

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