Building our Childrens' Body Confidence

Building our Childrens' Body Confidence

Your child's body is perfect and so is yours.

Can you imagine your child hating their body like you do yours?! It doesn't bare thinking about.

I'm not expecting that one song will stop my kids from having body hangups, but they'll for sure know that in a world of beauty standards and expectations, I'll love them just the way they are.

This song is by @itsveryokay Mother Moon, I've just substituted the word 'belly' for 'puku' because the Te reo maori word is what we use in our everyday speaking. You could use 'tummy' too!

Big puku, little puku,
Round puku, flat,
Some have a lot of muscle
Some have a lot of fat
Some wriggle and they jiggle
And some do not
And I love whatever kind of
Puku that you’ve got

So - enjoy looking at me breastfeeding, post-bath, at this glorious angle. A moment Etta might not remember but I will 😊

Share with me the ways that you build your child's self esteem, and tag a friend to support our content.

Watch the full reel here

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