5 Early Signs of Autism

5 Early Signs of Autism

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You can't diagnose Autism from an Instagram post, but it's important to be aware of SOME of the things you might observe and think about if your intuition tells you your child is a little different. Save this post for later.

👶Up to 12 Months Old:
1. Reduced social smiling and variation of facial expressions
2. Sensitivity to loud noises and disinterest in sounds around them
3. Limited babbling & verbal expression like giggling or squealing
4. Avoidance of eye contact - more interest in objects than people
5. Doesn't use gestures like pointing, head shaking/nodding, or reaching.

👦Up to 2 years of age:
1. Rarely points to show someone something (may only point to get things they want)
2. Has an expressive language delay or a language regression. (Typically we'd expect a child to be combining 2 words by age 2)
3. Rarely takes turns in play or in social interactions
4. Likes things to be a certain way and doesn't like changes, e.g. Has specific food preferences or struggles with transitions
5. Shows some repetitive play patterns and movements - doing things the same way every time or becoming engrossed in specific areas of interest.

🌈Autism Spectrum Disorder is just that; a spectrum. It's not a straight line from 'not autistic' to 'autistic', it's a vibrant colour palette of characteristics that an autistic person may or may not have, including social differences, language differences, sensory differences and repetitive behaviours.
Some traits create difficulty in everyday life, and some traits can be very useful. A child doesnt need to have all or even most if the differences i've listed - these are just some common ones.

All children will display one of these traits at some point, that doesn't necessarily mean they have Autism. If you have concerns about your child, notice and write them down and revisit them over a couple of months.
If you havent seen changes or improvement - take that list to your GP to discuss your concerns.

If you have a little one with a diagnosis, you may wish to comment below some of the things you noticed about them as they developed to help other parents.

You've got this.

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