2 Ways to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Toddler

2 Ways to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Toddler

2 strategies to add to your kete. You’ve got this!!

If you’re having some power struggles with your little one, it might be time to think about how you can put what you want them to do onto their agenda.

We’ve all been there when you want them to brush their teeth and they clamp their teeth down and throw their bodies back or when you need them to get dressed and they run away giggling to take bits off that you’ve just put on. That’s them trying to take control of the situation. They want the power and that’s why you’re getting into power struggles. Happens to me all the time.

One of the best strategies that I use is trying to get what’s on my agenda, onto my toddlers agenda. Unless they really want to do it, they’re not going to do it. Not without a fight anyway.

So how do you get a really boring task onto their agenda?

How do you make them want to do it?

The first way is working out how you can make it stupidly fun. Could you do running races as you get your clothes on? Could you throw pieces and they catch them or they throw them and you catch them, then you put them on or could it be a race? Could you both get dressed at the same time and see who can put it on the quickest? And with toothbrushing, could you be brushing your teeth too and taking tense spitting?

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Tell me when YOU use the when and then strategy below to help other parents :)

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