Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Did you take your car seats on the plane or as checked luggage? How did you pack them?

Hollie saving the day. I CANT STRESS ENOUGH how much it’s worth getting a consult with @clicksafenz before buying a car seat. We would NEVER had considered that we needed to use our seats in other countries and we would never have known how the safety standards differed.

We had a consult with Hollie from Clicksafe to make sure the car seats we chose were compatible with the safety standards in the UK. They are not compatible for flying on a plane seat so if you wanted that you’d have to buy accordingly.

We shipped out two Axkid One 2s in checked luggage. We put one in an original box and had to modify an old box for the second (keep your boxes people). There’s no such thing as too much packing tape.

We made sure our rental car had isofix and thank God/Hollie they take 10 seconds to install because we had to so in icy rain with two exhausted toddlers screaming at us. The kids love their seats, so feel mega comfy and fell asleep within minutes. Win win!

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