Literacy Hack: Visual Shopping List

Literacy Hack: Visual Shopping List

Kids don't have to be able to read in order to be exposed to text. Make looking at words fun by weaving them into your shopping routine :)

Write out your shopping list and add pictures for each one. It’s not important that they look perfect, you’re going to be helping your little one to decipher it.

Highlight or colour in the first letters of each word as your talk your child through the list.

Say the initial sounds of each word as your point to them. “N N nappies.”

Don’t forget your list! Talk about your list on the way to the shop so that they’re very familiar with it.

Let them be in charge of reading the list. Support them by pointing at the picture, then saying the word, then leading them to the item.

Exposure to written text is important for literacy development. This makes it super fun and develops their independence.

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