How to Help your Child to Follow Directions

How to Help your Child to Follow Directions

It starts with ensuring your little one can fully understand you. Understanding stems from routine and repetition.

Give them a job!

Giving your little one a role in the everyday activities you’re doing together helps them to learn the meanings of words. Routines often occur daily, which means your child will hear lots of repetition. Repetition is key to language learning.

Job ideas:
“Get the knives and forks” at mealtime
“Press the button” on the washing machine
“Find your coat” before an outing
“Hold the nappy” doing changes

Why this works..

Children can’t follow directions until they fully understand what you’re asking them to do. Repetition IN CONTEXT (saying the wold whilst you’re near the object) is the best way for them to learn language.

Having a role will support their independence and grow their confidence in everyday tasks. It’ll also make them feel important and valued. Win win.

How do I get started?

Start by doing the action yourself whilst giving the direction. E.g. Say “Press the button” as you turn the washing machine on. Next time help their little finger to do it. Repeat until they understand and can try it themselves.

What ‘jobs’ do you have your little one do with you? Comment below to we can learn from each other.

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