Change them side-on

Change them side-on
Small changes can make a big difference. This small change can do wonders not only for your bond with your baby but for their language development.

Sure - there are times when we have to just be at the business end (those awkward quick changes in the back of the car) but if you can, making the switch to changing your baby side-on will be worth the effort. ESPECIALLY for when you get into the stage they all seem to go through where they refuse nappy changes and do death rolls to get away!

👶 I always ask August's permission to take him for a change and I sign 'nappy', giving him some time to finish up his play. That respect is important!
👶 I talk him through the whole process. E.g. "I'm going to lie you down, I need to change your nappy. Let's take your trousers off - one leg - two legs, now your poppers, one two three. I need some wipes, let's undo your nappy- one side, two sides." Narrating the activity like this fills him up with language.
👶 I give August a role. He can hold the nappy, hold a wipe, fiddle with some nappy cream - it's just important to me that he is involved.
👶 we take it slow when we can. It's not a race or a chore I need to get over and done with. It's a big part of his day and of our interactions together.
👶 I sing nappy changing vocab to silly, made up tunes. E.g. "Pull pull pull your pants on" to the tune of 'wind the bobbin up'.
👶 I use the proper words for his genitalia. IT'S A PENIS! IT'S A VULVA!! We accurately name every other part of their bodies - why make up silly names for their genitals?! If we want to teach them to be able to talk with confidence, respect their bodies, respect the bodies of others and learn about consent then we need to start with accurately naming ALL body parts!
👶 I'm respectful. I don't use any language that would make him feel embarrassed if he was an adult. E.g. Dirty, smelly, messy.

Are you already a side on nappy- changer?

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