Why our Children Thrive with Repetition

Why our Children Thrive with Repetition

You don't need new play ideas.

I know. Sacrilege from an a play account. But what you're doing is enough and you probably have enough play ideas.

I strive to candidly share what we're actually doing and what we're doing is repeating stuff. My kids ask for the same activities because they enjoy them and they're learning from them. Just like kids enjoy the same TV show or book on repeat, play ideas are the same.

Repetition = practice, and skills change over time. An activity you set up a fortnight ago that they struggled with, they just need practice with. Something they weren't interested in last time they might now be ready for.

Take a look through old ideas, things you've done before and revisit them. Your child might surprise you.

Repeat stuff!!
You've got this!

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