Washing Line Dangle: The Level Up

Washing Line Dangle: The Level Up

GOSH - If you're a new follower then scroll back and see how TINY August was when we first did this activity! Back then it was to support his reaching and grabbing when sitting up or when lying on his back. Now, the washing line is WAY higher up and it's supporting him from a standing position. Further still - it's encouraging him to balance and to take steps between each item. 

Washing Dangle Line

Washing lines are great for motor development but they're also fantastic for making old toys exciting again. Suddenly when things are off the floor and displayed differently, they're interesting again. I pegged up some loose parts and some old clothes of August's - he was ENGROSSED in taking them down! 

I provided a basket for August to out the clothes in when he took them down. This made the experience more like what he sees when we take clothes off our real washing line. I made comments to put language to what he was doing, e.g. "You're doing the washing, those are trousers, put them in the washing basket, they're pegged on the line, shake the washing line, you've got lots of clothes, the clothes are clean, they smell nice". 

This activity works for all ages and stages. Reach out if you need help modifying it and be sure to check out my original 'washing line dangle' post

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