Bathroom Picasso

Bathroom Picasso

The bathroom is the best place to paint - the room is your canvas! Whilst I DID put an old used canvas in the bath with August today, he was happy to paint the bath. If you don't have a bath, let your little one paint the shower walls or the glass. It ALL washes off in no time at all- plus you can wash your baby quickly! 

This was a HUGE hit. I recommend putting a non-slip mat in the bath for safety, we forgot ours. Our new paint arrived today - I mixed up the rainbow into a cake tin and let him go to town. Auggie painted the bath for ages - he's just using a makeup brush! Afterwards we showered together. It kept us busy for a full hour! 

This is 'FAS' paint - it's non toxic acrylic. I bought it from the 'creative classrooms' website but I know many places sell it. Just Google 'fas paint'. 

We obviously talked about colours and I sang and signed the rainbow song! Other language included naming the body parts he was painting, "you're painting, brush brush brush the paint, it's bright, it's sloppy, you've got the blue, let's wash it all off!"

Who dares wins. If you're scared of messy play then this is for you. You needed an excuse to clean the shower anyway right?

Watch how it went here

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