Support your Child's Scissor Skills

Support your Child's Scissor Skills

Easy hack for fine motor strength....

Using scissors is one of those skills that is really helpful for kid's starting school - but did you know that scissor practice is also supporting other areas of development like hand-eye coordination, fine motor strength and bilateral coordination?! Kids need these skills for things like writing, doing up buttons and many sports - so it's worth giving them opportunities to practice.

Get your hands on some kids scissors and set up opportunities for your little one to practice with them.
You can give prompts like
✂️ "thumb in the little hole, fingers in the big hole"
✂️ "thumb up when you're cutting"
✂️ "use your other hand to guide the paper"

This activity is super easy to set up. Scrap paper taped to a table will do - I added some squiggly and zigzag lines to make it a little more complicated.

You could also stick string or strips of paper or wrapping paper to the table.

Note - kids will find it easier to coordinate cutting if they can sit down and engage their core muscles. Think about whether your set up allows your child to sit.

🤌 Set this up for your little one to wake up to tomorrow and it'll for sure guarantee you at least one cup of hot tea!!

Tag us if you try it!

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