Sloshy Bottle

Sloshy Bottle

Anyone else's babe utterly obsessed with their water bottle? August is constantly trying to get his hands on my @camelbak bottle - which is fine - but sometimes I need it for myself! Watching him, I noticed he appeared to be enjoying the water sloshing about inside, so I decided to make him his own sloshy bottle!

How to:
⋒ I recycled an empty @onepurenz bottle.
⋒ I added water, filling the bottle less than half the way. ⋒ I added some green food colouring to copy the green of my water bottle. ⋒ I added some water beads just to add more texture and something to look at! They also make the bottle feel different when it's 'sloshed'!
⋒ Right now he's not old enough to open a bottle - but I'll have to use some glue to secure the lid when he becomes more dexterous!

Watch the full reel here 

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