Roam Free

Roam Free

We had such a beautiful morning exploring together :)

I highly recommend following your toddler.

I followed Etta for an hour doing whatever she wanted to do. How often do our toddlers just get to roam free with no restrictions?

There was no agenda. I didn’t try and lure her in any direction or to any activity. I followed her lead and showed interest in whatever she was showing interest in and added some language. Coz kids are more likely to learn language about stuff they’re interested in. We all are.

Turns out she was super into flower. And we spent a long time finding and enjoying (squishing a little) some ladybirds.

The only rule was “I can’t let you go onto the road”

Try letting your toddler lead. Let me know what they were interested in that surprised you.

Watch the full reel here

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