Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin

Rainbow Pasta Sensory Bin

Some sensory experiences take a big set up and clean up and I wanted a few that were easy to access and drama free. I bought two of these big plastic tubs (they're under-bed storage) to fill with long-term sensory activities. This means the tubs will be filled with the same thing and just sealed and put away. Hopefully they should last for years. I'm finding this is a great sensory option for some quiet time. August likes to explore this when he's winding down before bed or a nap. It's calm, it sounds nice and it feels nice!
Using large tubs like this allows August to crawl into the tubs if he wants. He enjoys sitting on top of the pasta and exploring the feeling on his feet!

Rainbow Pasta Play

Tub one I filled with this dry penne pasta. Again - if push came to shove we could easily cook and eat this! I switch out the containers I provide for August to dump the pasta into. Sometimes he likes his I've cream truck in there, sometimes just small cups and tubes. 

🍝 Cut the corner off the bag
🍝 Add a tablespoon of vinegar
🍝 Add a couple of caps of food colouring

🍝 Shake the bag until all pasta is coloured
🍝 Tip onto baking tray to dry
🍝 Seperate with hands when dry and add to container of choice

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