Sponge Squeeze

Sponge Squeeze

I picked up a car washing sponge at the weekend to give August a bit of a spongey experience!!! I'm always on about his brain being like a sponge but realized he'd never played with one! Sponges are an interesting texture plus are interesting physically when they fill with water. 

OLDER CHILDREN may be able to explore this a little differently, using the sponge's properties to soak up and then squeeze out water between containers, transferring the water. 

Younger children like August can enjoy squishing and exploring a new texture! 

You can hear some of the language I used in the first video 😍💁‍♀️this is all about getting involved and narrating what you're doing with the new resource. Describe it's feeling. Later we used the sponges to clean different areas of the deck and August drank water through them! Lots of varied vocab!

Watch the video here

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