Masking Tape Motorway

Masking Tape Motorway

No road? No problem! Just make one out of tape! Auggie is showing more interest in driving his vehicles. In the absence of one of those road map rugs, I just made him a track out of tape. It took a minute and it did the job! It works on carpet and wooden floor - I’m sure some of you will be more creative than me and do different routes! You could also tape out landmarks for the vehicles to visit or use other toys to represent things like level crossings, stop signs, traffic lights etc. remember - it’s imaginative play and if you model using one thing to mean another thing, your little one will soon catch on!

Remember - joining in is so important. Grab your own vehicle and follow your child’s lead. Take turns driving the same route. Copy what your child does and model some of your own things for them to see.

🚗 turn left. Turn right
🚗 fast, slow, speed up, slow down
🚗 stop, go, break, accelerate, indicate, turn, reverse
🚗 round the corner, over the bridge, through the traffic lights
🚗 red for stop, yellow get ready, green for go

If you try it please tag us! I want to see some impressive roads!

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