Tidy-up Tongs

Tidy-up Tongs
I’m sure you’ve all seen tongs used in sensory play and Montessori activities to develop a child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I’m here to remind you it doesn’t have to be a big drama or an Insta-worthy set up with wooden tools 😂

Auggie tips his bin full of random toys all over the floor every day - but I’ve realised he really likes to tidy them away using tongs!! Win win! I’m really enjoying watching him master this skill and learning what he can and can’t pick up with them. So much brain development!

You have tongs in your kitchen right? If not - super cheap to get your hands on some. When they’re not in his hands, we’re using them for cooking so they definitely get a lot of use. Model how to use them for your babe then let them explore. I bought Auggie a couple of sets of tongs when he was about 9 months and we used to hang them on the Pikler triangle for him to grab at. Ones with silicone ends are great for chewing too.

I never make Auggie tidy up. I talk about tidying up and tidy up for him and encourage he take part in a fun way. We essentially do it together but I do most of it. Remember that tidy-up time often comes at the end of the day, end of an activity or when something new and fun is coming next - all three of these times are just TOO MUCH for a little one. They’ll be tired or overwhelmed or excited - it’s not fair to expect them to then independently tidy everything. Plus they don’t fully have a concept of what ‘tidy’ means. It’s much more supportive if you do it and have them do even a couple of bits. Watch what Auggie does here

Have you used tongs in play yet?

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