Flower Forage Sensory Bag

Flower Forage Sensory Bag

We had SO MUCH FUN today exploring our friend's beautiful garden. This was a two part activity that kept us busy for the afternoon - who doesn't love exploring a garden? We looked for different coloured flowers, picked them and put them in a container (hello - posting activity!). There were so many teachable moments and rich language going on, from colours to sizes to texture to what you can and can't eat. August loved feeling the flowers and tasting them!
We brought them back and put them into a ziplock bag with some water and taped them to the window so the light could shine through and show all the bright colours. Another one we added clear laundry liquid to which also made for a great texture to push the petals around.


This is such a great activity regardless of whether you make a sensory bag at the end - it was sensory enough just picking flowers! 

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