Recycled Rattle

Recycled Rattle

I've wanted to make this for SO LONG! It takes a while to save lids and steal lids from other mums! August and I went to the OPAVIVARÁ! exhibition at Dunedin Art Gallery where they had this installation with loads of recycled bottles and lids to interact with. It made a mesmerising noise that was so relaxing for the babies - I wanted to copy! It's not the most beautiful thing but babies don't care!

How to:
♻️ collect bottle tops. You could also cut the top off plastic bottles.
♻️ get some string. I'm using 'para cord' (my partner calls it?!) which is basically thick shoelace.
♻️ use a skewer to put holes in tops that need them.
♻️ split your lids into 3 or more piles. You want 3 or more strands of lids to make the best noise as they bash together. ♻️ thread the lids one by one, tying knots in between to desperate them a little.
♻️ tie your strands together. 

You can see in the video that August found this before I even gave it to him in an activity and he loved it straight away. Younger babies could have this dangled from a play gym, and this would be perfect for the 'washing line dangle' activity. Babies often LOVE noisy toys and rattles, they're August's favourite thing, so I know this is going to get a lot of use in toy rotation.

I'll add to it as I get more lids. It's also a wonderful way to STORE these lids for the future when August is older and I could use them as counters, tokens, things to throw etc.

Watch how August enjoyed this activity here

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