Are you Triggered by Messy Play?

Are you Triggered by Messy Play?


You're not alone. I've heard so many parents say that messy play triggers them, whether it be the worry of it getting on the furniture or the beautiful colours being mixed. Many of us crave calm and perfection and control of our surroundings.

But we MUST remember that play is learning. Play is our children's only job. And to control their play means to hold them back in their learning. Children's imaginations can run much more wild if we let them get messy and show us what they're capable of.

Mess can be cleaned up later. Play dough can be stored in handfuls of mixed colours. It truly doesn't matter.

Messy play supports communication development, fine and gross motor development, imaginative play, Creativity, emotional well being, social skills and so much more.

So - bite your tongue. Copy what your child is doing and you'll have much more fun together.

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