A Play Path

A Play Path

I hear lots of people say that their babies are 'bored of their toys'. I'm here to challenge that! Are they really 'bored' or have they already discovered their toys where they are at the moment and they're keen to discover other things? There's a reason kids crawl into the kitchen and try and get in the cupboards and through any closed door. It's not because there's bigger, better, newer toys in there - it's because those things are undiscovered and interesting! That's why toy rotation is so important - putting things away for a few days or weeks and bringing them out later gives your child a chance to discover things again. 

Play Path

Here i've kept thinks fresh by making August a play path. During his second nap I cleared the lounge and put all of his toys away. I've gathered some of his favourite pieces (mostly heuristic play items) and have made a path with them. He will never have seen his things displayed like this before and it'll foster a new type of discovery. Will he follow the path? Will he start in one spot then see something he loves across the room and go to that? Who knows! But I know he'll never become bored of these items as long as I keep creating new ways to discover and play with them. #invitationtoplay 


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