Magic Ball Box

Magic Ball Box

Put a ball in the top and it shoots out the side. Doesn't that sound like magic for a child?! So easy.

What you'll need: 📦a box. I used a one leftover from @lushcosmetics products but a shoebox is also ideal. 📦 some glue 📦 cardboard / another box cut up. 

How to:
✂️ cut a hole in the top and side of your box. Make sure the hole on the side is as low down as you can get it and touching the base, so there's no lip for balls to get stuck on. ✂️ fold a piece of card and open it again so there's a groove. ✂️ glue the card in the box leading from the top to the edge with the hole.
✂️test it by putting a ball in the top. Tweak until it works, then glue the lid of the box shut. 

This activity is great for babies who are starting to show an interest in posting toys. It takes hand-eye coordination to put things in the hole at the top and will get their little brain whirring seeing the ball pop out the bottom!

Click here to watch how its used and how to make it

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