How to Support your Child's Language Development

How to Support your Child's Language Development

Hint: However you'd like to be supported to learn a new language!

Have a think for a moment. If you were in Japan, France, or anywhere were you didn't know the language at all - how would you like people to interact with you?

Would you like them to pull out flash cards? Probably not. Talk in big long sentences? Nope. Ask you loads of questions? Hell no. You'd want people to do alllll the things in this post because you're just learning! And we know that these are the best things you can do to support your little one to learn your language too!!

SIGN! Just do it. Even if you only do a few. If I said "je voudrais de l'eau" to you, you might be pretty puzzled. But if I paired that with miming taking a sip out of a cup - you'd be closer to guessing that I want some water. When you use your hands and sign along with some key words you're saying, you're providing some VISUAL CUES to your little one. Moreover - they can sign back way before they can speak back so it's a win win.

Sign can also bridge the gap between two languages if your child is lucky enough to live in a bilingual environment. I have a free digital resource: "How to use sign and gesture to communicate with your baby" on the homepage

How do you help your little one to learn language?

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