Speech Sound Strategy

Speech Sound Strategy

Just a reminder that you don't have to point out the mistakes your child is making in their speech. It takes years and lots of practice to get perfect speech.

The best thing you can do is say the incorrect word back to them in a sentence and keep the interaction going.

This gives children a great MODEL of how to say the word, it maintains their CONFIDENCE to communicate with you, and shows you're listening to WHAT they have to say rather than how they're saying it.

Think of it the other way round. How would you feel if you were telling your favourite person about your day and every few words they said "that's not how you say it, copy me...".
You'd feel pretty disheartened and uninterested in telling your story.

SO, go slow, emphasise and repeat - but keep that conversation going 😍

Tag a parent who's supporting their little one to talk.

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