How Many Words Should My Child Say?

How Many Words Should My Child Say?

We all want to know whether our child is on track with their communication development, but the truth is that there is SO MUCH MORE to communication than just spoken words. Children can be on track with spoken words but have difficulties in other areas such as social communication or using language correctly in context. So I like to stay away from 'shoulds' and instead support parents to see the bigger picture. More information in my milestone highlight!

In this chart, MILESTONE is defined as what MOST children are able to do by that age. Approx 90%.

AVERAGE reflect what around 50% of kids are able to do by a given age.

If your child has more words than what's listed on average, that makes them at 'above expected', which is around 25% of children.

If you child falls BELOW the milestone for their age, it's always worth connecting with your GP to talk about accessing speech and language therapy. In the meantime, my 'language' highlight has many of the strategies a therapist would teach you to support your child's language development.

Words 1Words 2Words 3

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