Gestures and When They’re Likely To Develop

Gestures and When They’re Likely To Develop
You already know that all kids are different and they develop at varying rates - but here’s a general guide to when you might expect to see some common gestures.

Isn’t it amazing how many gestures your child might have before they turn one?! Remember - gestures are a huge part of communication and we as adults use gestures all the time to support our oral language. Waving, thumbs up, using fingers to show how many, facepalm, holding our nose, palm out for stop - all gestures we use to help who we're talking to understand our message.
The muscle coordination required for talking takes much longer to develop than the muscle coordination for gestures, which is why signing with your baby can be so powerful. Teaching your child some sign gestures can help them to communicate with you BEFORE they can talk, resulting in way less frustration for both of you.
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