Clever Spoons + Cutlery Bundle

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Be ready for every stage and save.

Get prepared for starting solids and beyond with this Clever Spoons + Cutlery bundle.

There's a reason these products are consistently rated five stars.


Clever Spoons: Meticulously designed by Zazi, a Speech and Language Therapist, to be the perfect first spoons. They have a textured handle and a wide neck which prevents slippy little hands from sliding down onto the scoop. There's a notch at the back so you can hook them onto the side of plates and bowls, and when dropped, the scoop stays elevated off the floor. They come in pairs so you can spoon switch to teach your child to feed themselves. They're just magic. 

Clever Cutlery: Clever cutlery sets children up for self-feeding success. We designed them to have the same, familiar handles as the Clever Spoons, only bigger, supporting a smooth transition into cutlery use. The knife is just as sharp as adult cutlery and the fork has prongs sharp enough to actually pick up food. The spoon fits in little mouths. We recommend these from around 11 months onwards.