Clever Mealtime Essentials Bundle

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The set to beat the rest. 

Zazi Clever Mealtime Essentials  have been designed from the ground up by Zazi, Speech and Language Therapist, with the insight and feedback of seasoned parents. 

It's the perfect set, whether you're just starting your solids journey or you're looking for a robust, long-lasting mealtime bundle to meet the needs of your growing child. It'll last them through preschool and beyond. 

This full set includes:

  • The Clever Mat: We've engineered this mat to be the only one on the market with a super-adhesive surface. This surface prevents suction-ware from sliding in any direction. It also has table setting guides to help grow your child's independence at mealtimes.
  • The Clever Cup: Did you know that children can learn to drink from an open cup as soon as they start solids? It's actually better for them, fostering the development of their jaw, teeth, adult swallow pattern and speech sounds. Our cup is perfectly weighted to avoid spills and to use with two hands.
  • The Clever Plate: Our plates purposely don't have sections as we firmly believe that food separation can lead to selectiveness/pickiness at mealtimes. The open space also allows for practice using cutlery around the age of 1. The plates are sturdy and have high-lipped sides and a strong suction base to support successful scooping. They come with a water tight lid for on the go or to keep your leftovers, plus they're OVEN, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • The Clever Bowl: The parents have spoken - you wanted bigger bowls for kids and we delivered. This bowl can comfortably fit 6 weetbix, so it will grow with your child. It has smooth, sturdy sides for successful scooping and a strong suction base. It's OVEN, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • The Clever Bib: We re-designed our bibs to have firmer silicone so that they catch more and are less likely to spill. They really do catch nearly anything your child spills because of their wide, deep scoop. They are fully adjustable and can be tightened to smaller than similar bibs on the market to fit even the smallest necks.