Hi, I'm Zazi

Founder and CEO

I'm so happy you're here!   

I'm Zazi, Mam of two and Speech and Language Therapist.

My blogging journey @zaziplays started during maternity leave when I realised how easy it is to fall into a google hole when you're worried about your kids! With a background in coaching caregivers and educators, I decided to share how I play with my own kids to support their development. @zaziplays has evolved into a wonderful community of people who feel empowered to be the best parents they can be, and I love that.  

We launched the Zazi store when I struggled to find products that I knew from my training were beneficial for development. All Zazi products are designed and curated by me with child development in mind. My two children, August and Etta, are amazing product testers!  

Jon is my partner in life and partner in business! As the director of Zazi, he oversees absolutely everything behind the scenes!  Jon is passionate about respectful parenting and creating a line of products that make it easier to have quality time with your children. He's such a family man! We make a great team.  


I feel incredibly proud to have such a gorgeous little family, supportive Zazi community and flourishing small business.

Thank you so much for all your amazing tips and tricks. We use them every day and my relationship with my son is all the better for it. I believe hands down my toddlers great speech is all due to your wonderful knowledge and tools to help us sign from a young age.

Knowledge is so powerful for us as a whanau to support the development and hauora of our tamariki. Thank you for making your knowledge so accessible to us, the work you do is so important and valued.

Your content has really helped me be able to understand the everlasting changes within my 3 year olds development. I now have a newborn, and to look back through your highlights and posts have honestly helped me all over again! Thank you!

Thank you for giving my family & I the gift of knowledge. I love learning from you and it has made a big difference to our kids development.

Every piece of content you create has value. Understanding how sign can help with connecting to your bubba has been so lovely. You inspired me and I've inspired others around me. Thank you .

WWZD is our household motto! It's now a running joke that I start all our parenting conversations with "Zazi said...!!" Can't thank you enough for helping us find out way on this parenting journey.