Why does my Child behave better for other People

Why does my Child behave better for other People

If your child is losing it in front of you but an angel with their grandparents - fear not.

Attachment theory tells us that when kids are comfortable to let go, be vulnerable and express all of their emotions, that's because they feel safe with us. They're securely attached. Their bodies know we can handle all they have to throw at us.
When they're angelic for grandparents and teachers, a big part of that is that they're just not as comfortable. That's NOT saying that those people are doing anything wrong or are bad caregivers, it's just how it is. The child isn't as securely attached to them and therefore isn't as vulnerable to be their full, authentic self.

So next time you're feeling crappy about your child's behaviour, remember - they're feeling safe enough to show you they need help. They're not hiding their true feelings. You're doing a great job.

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