Is your child loud in public?

Is your child loud in public?

Adults aren't always quiet.

Children shouldn't have to be either.

Just a reminder that children can't suddenly grow fully developed, adult brains just because they're out in public.
They're still small, they still need to be children and they're allowed to be be themselves!

Quiet and compliant all the time isn't the sign of good parenting, it's often the sign of controlling parenting and a scared child.

I'm not saying let your child scream down the library. I'm saying that yes they may speak a little louder in a public space. Yes they might cry, yes they might get a bit silly and giggle. Yes they might move about more than the adults are doing.

Children should be seen AND heard because that's just the nature of children.

Crying in public isn't something to be shushed and shut down immediately - we can respond with kindness and understanding and allow children their feelings just as we might at home.

A quiet kid doesn't mean a good kid.
A loud kid doesn't mean a bad kid.

Kids are kids.

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