How to keep calm when your preschool is misbehaving

How to keep calm when your preschool is misbehaving

Cute? That's coz they're kids.

Little brains need us to be firm but kind.
Not angry and punitive.

They just don't understand when we suddenly explode. We're their most trusted people, so it's a shock to their systems when we lose it. Instead of teaching them a lesson, it just puts their little brains into fight, flight, freeze or fawn response. In the past, we've mistaken this response and children behaving. Truly - they're just scared.

Children are supposed to push boundaries. They're experimenting with their world. We can still hold boundaries and help to teach them how to behave appropriately without scaring them or being disrespectful to them.

It takes a lot of practice to not get riled up by your kids! Especially as that's probably not how you were parented. But it's so worth the learning!

So try and notice the cute things your little one does today. The things only kids do because their brains are underdeveloped and don't understand the world yet. Let those be reminders of how we need to connect with them gently.

You've got this.

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