Help! My Toddler Won't Stop Throwing Things

Help! My Toddler Won't Stop Throwing Things

If they have the urge to throw then they need to throw. Give them something you’re happy for them to throw, and you’ll find your battling with your toddler much less frequently.

Whether it’s meeting their need to play and explore or meeting their need to let off some steam, throwing is part of typical development. You’re going to drive yourself nuts trying to completely ban throwing in your house, especially when things like soft balls are ok to throw.

If you work together to teach your little one what is OK to throw, it makes life much easier.

Remember there’s no such thing as naughty. Sometimes kids throw when they’re frustrated and it’s totally ok for them to feel those feelings and it’s ok for them to throw things, just not all things! “Wow, you’re feeling really frustrated. I won’t let you throw your cars, here is a cushion for you to bash and throw. Shall we go play a throwing game in the garden to cool off?”.
This shows your child how to calm down safely and if you join in, you can go-regulate (calm down) with them.

Tag a parent who has a thrower or their hands! Let me know when you try this strategy.

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