Food Prep

Food Prep

I always involve August in the prep of his meals. I think it's important aspect of practical life and it means he get to watch, listen, smell, taste and feel the food as I prepare it. He 'helps' at the moment by putting food into pans for me, but mostly I just give him ready-to-eat bits of whatever I'm making so that he can play with it. At the moment - he’s in a stage where he loves to squish foods before he tries them. He ALWAYS tries to eat the food - something he doesn’t always do if I just put it on his plate and serve it to him. Another bonus is all the language! I talk out loud as I do each step and August is totally engrossed as there’s big pans and fire and food present! 

We’re lucky that my partner just made August this learning tower. Google ‘learning tower’ to find out more about them/buy one. Or if you want to make one - I recommend googling ‘Kmart learning tower hack’ or ‘ikea learning tower hack’ to make one like we did (after we all get out of isolation!). Before we had this - I would either prepare the food whilst holding August, bring the food, plate and chopping board to the floor to prepare at his level, or sit at the table together. Many early childhood centres/kindergartens/nurseries prepare food at the tables with children at kai times. Have a think about how you make food for your little one - could you involve them more? 

The second photo I just wanted to share because we altered August’s high chair yesterday. Having a footrest is one of the most IMPORTANT things for making sure your baby can sit comfortably with a stable core. Imagine sitting on a really high bar stool with nowhere to rest your feet - uncomfortable right?! That’s what it’s like for a baby with no footrest. August has grown and his was too high and I could see he was starting to pull his legs up towards him and look annoyed. we altered the footrest last night and he’s much more comfy and sat at the table longer. Nutritionists suggest that some picky eating can stem from being uncomfortable at the table - eek.

Would love to see how other parents involve their babes in cooking!!

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