Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

Travelling with Kids: Q & A Edition

What did you take to keep the kids occupied?

As soon as we stepped off the plane and into the tunnel thing - we stopped to pop up the Otto and put Etta in it.

It made A WORLD of difference not having to lug all our bags PLUS a heavy toddler through the looooong walks to security, customs, more security and transfer gates that were miles away. YES some bigger airports have buggies available but certainly not from the second you get off the plane. I was so thankful I took the Otto and can’t rate it high enough.

Especially as Etta LOVED it and did most of her napping in there during the month away.

NOW, the Otto is in constant use because my parents find it lighter and easier for them to transition in and out of the car etc. win win.

Watch the full reel here

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