My go-to Strategy when my kids are Dysregulated

My go-to Strategy when my kids are Dysregulated

We all want to hide sometimes.

I see you escaping to the toilet and locking the door just for a minutes peace.

Kids can get overwhelmed QUICKLY (just like us) and in our house we overcome that by making forts.

My kids are little so I just make forts for them. No discussion - I just make them a little dark play space with couch cushions or chairs or the clothes horse or ANYTHING and blankets/sheets.

Forts get rid of so much external stimuli that they're naturally soothing, it's like a spa retreat for a child. Plus it's a fun change of scenery that can help them to calm down and move through their emotions.

So keep your fort building stuff to hand and try this the next time your child is struggling.

Tag a friend you'd like to hide in a fort with (with or without wine).

You've got this

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