Flexiflask Hack to make immunicasations easier

Flexiflask Hack to make immunicasations easier

Have you tried this?

Immunisations can be mega stressful - none of us like seeing our children stressed and in pain.

We've found that taking ice blocks to our appointments make everything run smoother. I used to take them in a bag of ice which was a total mess!!

Now I just use our flexiflasks. They're triple walled for ✨elite✨ insulation - so if you chill them right down by filling the base with ice, they're going to stay icey cold like a mini freezer you can take on the go.

Put a couple of ice blocks in there and offer to your child as they have their immunisations or just after. Either way it'll support them to feel soothed and take their mind off that big needle.

Tag a parent who's dreading imms!!

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