Learning to care for others

Learning to care for others

If you think dolls are just for girls then you have a whole lot of learning to do. Dolls are an incredible tool for learning and they're for everyone. August was showing his doll, Baby Mei 

美 a lot of attention today so we spent time looking after her and I showed him how to rock a baby. She was fed and put to bed too and she's worn a multitude of newborn hats! She's had a few kisses too!

Doll play is great for children to learn how to care for others. This is especially great if you have another baby on the way. Want a son who's going to grow up to respect women, be a great dad and have potential to be in a caring role like a Dr or nurse? Playing with dolls is a great place to start. Doll play is also great to role play routines in the day that happen to your baby. Today we role played giving Mei 美 milk and tucking her into bed. This is something that August is part of but not really something he's had control over. This gave me the opportunity to talk through why we were putting Mei 美 to bed and he got to do all the steps.

Our doll is a Miniland doll. I chose a female doll of different ethnicity to August so that he could learn about different body parts and skin colours to his own. The dolls are anatomically correct so we can use the correct words to talk about genitals when August begins to notice differences.

Watch the interactions here

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