Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder

August is OBSESSED with birds. He points them out all the time and will happily sit for ages with me at the window. We don't have a bird feeder so I decided to make one!

🕊 I cut big holes in both sides of two milk bottles.
🕊 I let August paint one of them! Why not?!
🕊 I put bird seed (easy to get in the pet section of any grocery store) and some bread scraps in.
🕊 We don't have a suitable tree so I taped it somewhere Auggie could see from the window.

This craft is great because it uses up something that you'd typically just throw out. Those of you with accessible windows could even attach this TO the window so that it can be viewed from the inside. Fun even if your baby isn't interested in birds yet!

Have a look and see how it was made here

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