Our Play Tray

Our Play Tray

Eeek I’ve been shopping! I’ve wanted one of these for forever and I finally just went and ordered it! So expect some more posts where we’re exploring and getting messy in our tray!

This big, waterproof tray is fab for indoor or outdoor play. It’s shallow enough that August can get in and out of it with ease but high enough to hold a good amount of water for adequate splashing! It’s BIG - big enough to have different areas with varied resources, big enough to have multiple children around, big enough for August to sit in the middle of and have space to move. Inevitably- stuff escapes the sides, but there’s something about the size of this and the perception of ‘play on the tray’ that helps keep most mess contained!

Oat Play Tray

I tipped in a bag of oats and added some containers, @navybabynz scoops, spoons, brush and metal parts and our @playitforwardnz play mirror. It kept Auggie occupied for AGES and it’s not day 3 of it being out in the lounge and it’s still holding his attention! Dry stuff like oats are great for easy to clean sensory play experiences. We’ll scoop this all up and put it in a sealed plastic container to be used again and again!

Watch how it went here

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