Make the gate great

Make the gate great

Easy play set up this morning. I stuck magnets to the baby gate on August's bedroom door. I've seen that August has really been enjoying the magnet wall at nursery to I wanted to emulate that. The bars added an extra element as he had to be more precise with his placing. He also enjoyed posting the magnets through the bars.

If you don't have magnet tiles (these are just kmart ones) - you may have some magnets on your fridge you could lend for this play? The most important thing is that YOU'RE WATCHING CLOSELY. A quick google search will show many a horror story of children who have swallowed magnets. Magnets are deadly if swallowed and many magnet tiles are flimsy and full of tiny magnets. Do NOT let your child mouthe them at all - stay close at model appropriate play with these.
Magnets are fantastic to explore so the risk shouldn't out weigh the opportunity - just like with food. You always observe your baby eating, right?!

Has your little one explored magnets yet?

Watch the videos here

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