Pom Pom Caterpillar

Pom Pom Caterpillar

Could have called it a tape worm but that wouldn't be all that glamorous, would it?

SUPER EASY set up. Just like a sticky wall only on the table. I stuck some lengths of tape sticky-side-up on the table and brought out the pompoms. I modelled how to stick I the pompoms down and August had a go. He also posted the pom poms into random places and that's cool too 🤷🏼‍♀️

This activity is great for gross and fine motor skills (reaching, grabbing, balancing, picking, pressing). 

Watch this activity here.

🐛I started out calling our creations caterpillars because I was trying to emulate 'the very hungry caterpillar'. I REALLY should have brought the book out with me so we could reference the language and pictures in there because Auggie just WASN'T all that into it - UNTIL I started talking about it being a snake instead!
🐍 snakes are more familiar for August. We read about snakes in a couple of his favourite books every day, and he loves to make the snake noise. Once August had an increased understanding of the activity he became much more involved. Make it work for your baby! We talked about the colours and how the snake slithered. I used language like "stick it on", "pull it off", "that's a long snake", "this is a short snake". Later I labelled August's body parts as the snake slithered over them!!

Pom pom stick

Remember - small pom poms are a choking risk so keep your eyes peeled. You could also do this with coloured paper circles!

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