Busy Board

Busy Board

Did anyone end up making a busy wall whilst in lockdown? I'm lucky (I think) that my partner hoards all kids of random stuff under the house so we were able to throw this together in level 4 lockdown. I know that Jon wanted to make it more snazzy - I've seen people add zips, calculators, tubes for posting, bells, keys, flaps, laces, phones, working switches with lights, cogs, clocks and ALL SORTS!! So much variation. But simple is ok too! 

These fiddly busy boards are great primarily for exposing your baby to everyday objects. It's a bit like static heuristic play. There's also lots of gross and fine motor benefits as your baby reaches and grabs and pulls and pushes and slides. Not to mention problem solving skills - fathoming sliding locks is no easy feat! 

As ALWAYS - there's still room for language, even though this is the kinda thing that keeps your baby busy whilst you try to cook a dinner more elaborate than beans on toast. When you get a moment to join in, be sure to narrate what your baby is doing, name the object, acknowledge that it's tricky, talk about persevering and make links to where that item exists in the real world, e.g. "This is a zip just like the one on your sleeping bag", "this is a latch - we use it to open the gate".

Would love to see what you've created. Shops are opening now so you could create a pretty epic one!!

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